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Time to Prepare for Spring

  Feb 3, 2017   Demaree

It's starting. The days are a little longer, cold days are fewer and there is a sense that spring is about to pop. Don't wait for March madness to set in. See what you're missing by taking an early season trip to the nursery.

Looking for roses? We have our 2017 roses now and variety selection is at its peak. Roses will be leafing out and transplanting will not shock them now.

Fruit Orchard? Best selections of fruit trees are available now. Popular multi-grafted fruit trees are often picked over or sold out by late spring. Fruit trees need to be in the ground before they leaf out in March for best growth the first season.

Vegetables? If you're crazy enough to try, tomatoes and some other veggies will be available by mid Feb. Hot caps, row covers or greenhouses highly recommended!

February is also a good time to replace that dead plant or tree. Fall is considered the best time to plant with early spring the other. All plants given time to establish before the onset of summer will flourish the first year. If you wait too long, not so much.

With spring comes fungus. Rust on snapdragons, mildew on roses and mold on low mounding perennials. Many general purpose fungicides will control these problems before they get out of hand. Preventative spraying is best.

Weeds? Oh yea. Crabgrass germinates in late Feb-Mar. along with many other summer weeds. Pre-emergent weed control is the best way to go, but you have to get it down before they sprout.

One last thing.

A little bit about Oregon and Washington. Many nurseries have plant varieties brought down from up north during the fall/winter. They are always in limited supply and variety selection. Unusual pine and japanese maples. Rhododendrons and contorted filberts. Blue spruce and dogwoods just to name a few. Make an early season trip out to our garden center and find something unique.