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Spring Prep?

  Jan 5, 2018   Demaree

Happy New Year! Whow! Only 5 more weeks till spring. The season seems to be coming early with no real winter to be had.

Better get started on pruning roses. Spraying fruit trees (peaches, apples, plums, etc) or planting new varieties. General pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs. Dividing perennial bulbs and tubers. Fertilizing and spraying winter annuals (snapdragon rust is always present). Applying pre-emergent weed controls before mid-February. Spray fruit trees, roses and dogwoods for leaf and flower fungus.

I’m just saying….. Is paying $69.99 for a older fruit tree better than $35.00 for a smaller, younger fruit tree and waiting 2 YEARS! for fruit? Planting large fruit trees (2 to 3 yr old) means they’ll produce one to two years earlier.

Out of Oregon. Now’s the time to visit our local nurseries for plants from oregon. Hollies, pines, dogwoods, spruce trees, pieris and other unusuals are available now. They need to be planted right away to establish before the coming summer.