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New Year, New Plants!

  Jan 2, 2017   Demaree

One of the best things about the nursery business is seeing different plants introduced each year. Some are newly developed hybrids while others are plants from different regions or countries. Here are 3 new plants we will be carrying this year.

Zamia Palm : Macrozamia moorei

Native to Australia, this cycad is similar to the well known sago palm but with finer arching leaves which can reach 5 ft. long. Slow growing, it can reach over 6ft tall after many years. The single trunk is thick and bulbous when young, slowly elongating with age. 'Zamias' are very heat tolerant and more cold hardy than sagos. Perfect around pools, patios or rock gardens and pots. Available in 15 gal. and 20 gallon containers

Mule Palm : Butiagrus nabonnandii

An unusual cross between Pindo palm and Queen palm. This hybrid has a similar look to queen palm but the hardiness of a pindo. The single trunk is more robust than a queen palm. Leaves are dark green and feathery growing 6-8 ft long out from the top. It is moderate growing with a potential to 20-30ft in 30 years. Mule palms are heat tolerant but more important they are cold hardy to 16 degrees F*! Available in 24 inch boxes

Yucca rostrata : Beaked yucca

One of the best tree-like yuccas, this variety grows slowly with a potential over 10ft tall. It has a crown of long narrow silvery grey leaves covering the top 2 feet. Old leaves may be left as a skirt or clipped off for a cleaner look. 3 foot long white flower spikes appear on older specimens. Heat and cold tolerant, it has been grown from El Paso Texas to Denver Colorado. A true specimen plant for any garden. It also does well in pots. Available in 20 inch containers.

These and many other new varieties are available now with others coming in spring!