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Spring Prep: Last Chance...

Last chance to prepare for spring! Get that ground ready for spring planting. Many colorful perennials are available now and need to be planted before summer. New fruit trees and roses have arrived in most nurseries, for best selection stop by today.

Every year we have people come in who have broken trees that fell during the windy spring season. Stake or re-stake your trees now!!

With the warming weather (dare I say Drought!) and lack of rain, people continue to plant more water wise trees, shrubs and perennials. Here are some of the best low water use plants!

Arctotis acaulis purple

This low mounding evergreen ( or should I say evergrey) perennial grows to 18 inches tall and up to 3 ft wide. Large dark purple daisy flowers start in spring and go through mid summer. Heat, drought tolerant and a beautiful accent border or foreground plant.

Grevillea Mt Tamboritha

A low mounding shrub with small elongated oval green foliage on spreading branches. It has a soft look similar to rosemary. Bright red flowers appear in spring to fall. Growing 1 to 2 ft tall and spreading to 3 ft, Mt. Tam prefers full sun and sandy soil but will tolerant heavy clay if not overwatered.

Sky Pencil Holly

This is a completely unique plant. Narrow upright growth 4-6 ft while only 8-12 inches wide! Dense dark green leaves give this plant a rich look. Got a narrow planting space or need something in a pot as accent? This is it. Full sun or part shade, heat and drought tolerant.

African Sumac

A hardy evergreen tree that looks somewhat like an evergreen weeping willow. Grows 12-18 ft tall and as wide with narrow dark green leaves. Small cream colored flowers in late spring-summer. Rough chocolate colored bark adds another dimension to this tree. Very heat and drought tolerant.

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May 16, 2016, 9:09 AM
May 2, 2016, 9:49 AM