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Overheated Thoughts on Your Landscape

  Aug 4, 2017   Demaree

Yes, we are all tired of summer (unless you’re a kid). But don’t despair, only 4 weeks till the weather starts to change.

August is a “ Do I ? or Don’t I ?” month. Do I clean up the vegetable garden and replant one more time or just let it go. Do I plant trees and shrubs or wait till fall. Do I fertilize the yard and garden or wait till Sept-Oct. Is it too late to mulch? Is it too early to plant fall vegetable seeds?

The answer is…….. Whatever ( the heat has gotten to me!) If you look at the nicest yards in the neighborhood, you’ll see someone trimming, fertilizing, mulching and planting ( yea, it’s probably the gardener doing all those things). Here at Green Hills we are deadheading roses and crepe myrtles and trimming perennials and shrubs. Trees are being staked and most everything gets fertilized. Not to mention weeding and checking for insects. That’s how you make a beautiful Nursery and Garden.

Tips to freshen your garden:

Add a little color like annual vinca, just here and there in groupings.

Pop in some flowering lantana. They’re easy care and love the heat!

Prune roses hard now and fertilize, by early September they’ll be leafed out, budding and blooming for the fall season.

Add a garden ornament, sundial or wall art for some accent and interest.

My personal favorite: Pick up some Monterey Horticultural Oil and mix in a spray tank or hose end sprayer. Spray sun and shade shrubs and perennials lightly until they look wet, avoid fuzzy or rough leafed plants (actually you can spray them but the effect isn’t as good). This Oil will not burn and leaves a beautiful shine on foliage, kind of like waxing your car. Be sure to spray when the air temperature is cool, early morning is the best time.

Or……... you can go on Vacation and wait for fall, just like I have.

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