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Summer Is Coming!

  May 5, 2017   Demaree

So much for predicting the weather. I said April would be a generally warmer and less rainy. April had rain, wind, cold and hot in no particular order, just crazy. I will make no prediction for May!

We are still in full spring planting mode. Trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials need time to establish before the heat of summer and May is the last best month.

May is also round 2 for flowering shrubs and trees. In shady locations azaleas and camellias have finished blooming while Hydrangeas and dahlias are now bud and bloom. Sun loving lantanas and salvias are blooming now and will continue throughout the summer. Purple locust and Golden Rain trees will soon be blooming. Star Jasmine, one of the most fragrant and hardy vines you can plant is now bud and bloom.

May is also bug month (actually, March to Nov is bug month!). If you have apples, pears, figs or citrus consider buying sticky traps. Codling moth and citrus leafminer are emerging and looking for fruit and leaves to lay eggs. Sticky traps not only hold the flying adults but also let you know when to spray. Hang the traps in your trees and check every couple of days. You won’t believe the amount and variety of bugs you’ll trap! It’s also a fun science project.

The drought is not really ever over, just pushed back this year. Who knows what 2018 will be? After 40 years in the Nursery business I have seen several droughts come and go.

Low water use plants and trees are here to stay with new and improved varieties every year. Here a just a few….

Desert Museum Palo Verde shrub/tree has fantastic yellow flowers in late spring and is extremely heat and drought tolerant.

Blue Gem Westringia has wonderful white flowers spring to fall that turn bluish in cooler weather.

Meerlo Variegated Leaf Lavender is a striking pale yellow and green that stands out in any garden.

Salvia Love & Wishes has dark magenta flower spikes spring to fall.

Check us out for many other low water, heat tolerant plants!