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Blooming, blooming, blooming!

Annual summer flowers, perennials and many shrubs are showing color. April is the best month to visit the nursery, so many perennials and unique plants are in bloom. Plant now so they can establish and acclimate before summer's heat. Spreading a layer of mulch after planting will help reduce water loss and keep weeds down.

Roses and peonies are in full bloom so you can pick by color, flower size and fragrance.

Speaking of roses. You may have noticed a small dark grey or brown 1/4 inch long beetle in your white or pale yellow roses. The Rose Chaffer beetle hatches out by the thousands each spring attacking any white or light colored flower. You can spray a general insecticide (except on edibles) or shake them off the plant into a container with soapy water. This 'plague' will last for about 30 days.

Its also time for citrus leafminer to appear. This small insect lays it's egg in new tender citrus leaves . The small immature 'miner' accually tunnels inside the leaf, deforming the shape. Products like Monterey Garden Insect Spray will control this nasty pest.