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June Swoon, myth or fact?

  Jun 2, 2017   Demaree

The June Swoon is just a figment of your imagination. Every year I’m asked if it’s too late to plant. Hotter weather does not mean an end to planting, just more attention on your part.

The most asked question of summer is ‘How much do I water?”. The answer is “ I don’t know!”. Soil quality, location (sun or shade), watering system (sprinkler, drip or God forbid by hand!) are all factors. Digging a proper sized hole 1 ½ to 2 times the width and depth and adding mulch to the soil is very important.

Newly planted trees and shrubs need extra water to establish roots. You shouldn’t need to water more than every other day for the first month, probably a lot less. Check on your new plantings every day for the first week. Here are things to look for:

Under watering is easy to tell. Wilted leaves and an overall droopy appearance to your plant is the first sign. Leaves that are dry on the margins or completely crispy is the next sign. Water immediately and look for signs that the plant has perked up. If the leaves are dried up but the stems are still pliable then strip the foliage and fertilize to promote new growth. More drastic measures are to prune back the plant (and pray!).

Over watering usually shows in the first 2 weeks. Your plant will have bright yellow leaves in the center or low branches. These leave will start to fall leaving your plant looking spindly. If you don’t do anything, a dull green color will follow with wilted outer leaves, your plant roots are drowning ! Stop watering and allow the soil to dry out. You will need to fertilize to generate new foliage after the plant stops dropping leaves. Worst case scenario is to dig it up and replant with new soil.

New plants this month!

Grewia. Lavender Star Flower. Unique star shaped flowers most of the summer. Great for locations with afternoon shade.

Gunera. Known as the “Dinosaur Food” plant because it was around that far back! Big leaves on bumpy stems. Needs shade and lots of moisture.

Asclepia. Ornamental MilkWeed plant. A favorite of butterflies. Full sun but a little frost tender.

Brugmansia. Angels Trumpet (Devil's Trumpet). Unique deciduous shrub with 8-12 in long tubular flowers in summer. A striking specimen plant but be careful all parts are poisonous.