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It's Fall Planting Season

  Nov 10, 2017   Demaree

Hey, I took October off for my birthday (Vegas, baby!!) and it’s been super busy!

Lots to do before Thanksgiving!

November has arrived with typical unsettled weather. Cooler temperatures have started the fall color in trees and shrubs. It’s a great time to visit Green Hills and see the change of the seasons.

Plant soon, the season is closing. Fall flowers still have time to establish and bloom before the cold sets in, this is especially true for pansies, violas and calendulas. Snapdragons with buds or bloom will hold color until late winter then bloom again in spring as the days get longer.

One of the best fall flowers that is greatly under used is paludosum daisy. This hardy annual will bloom from October to June and often longer. Plants can get 12-15 inches wide and 6-8 inches tall and are covered with white daisy flowers.

Yes, fall is the best time to plant most trees and shrubs in your garden. Frost tender plants like bougainvillea or fruiting guavas not so much. If you're not sure about planting a certain plant, give us a call or visit the nursery.

Be on the lookout for powdery mildew and leaf spot fungus on roses, hydrangeas and other susceptible plants . Conditions are perfect for these diseases just like in March.

Too early to prune? Not at all. If you need to prune your tree (chinese elm, pistache, crepe myrtle) do it now and not hassle with the leaves dropping later this month.